The Creed demo (3Dfx)

  • The Creed demo (3Dfx)
  • Версия : 1.001
  • Лицензия : Free to try
  • Платформа : Windows
  • Разработчик : Home
  • Категория : Games / Adventure Games


The Creed demo (3Dfx)

Welcome to Outpost IV, the condemned planet. Here, in the city of Cerberus, danger lurks behind every corner. You don’t know whom to trust; you only know you need to watch your back and get off this rock before it’s too late. This is The Creed, from Insomnia; a gritty action/adventure game. You’ll play as the rugged bounty hunter Guy Wolfe or the sexy assassin Gene Matrix. To complete assignments you must investigate, fight, murder, and swindle your way through hard streets. Each success earns brownie points with the Government, the Brotherhood, or the Order. The Creed depicts a real living city, complete with animated and interactive environments, spoken dialogue, devastating weapons, vehicles and mechs, and intelligent characters. In this game, if you get shot at point-blank range, you’re dead. So watch it.

This download is expandable; the author’s Web site offers new mission packs that are designed specifically for the demo. Up to eight players can play over a network, and you can create your own missions. A non-3D accelerated version is also available.

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