Earthworm Jim demo

  • Earthworm Jim demo
  • Версия :
  • Лицензия : Free to try
  • Платформа : Windows
  • Разработчик : Home
  • Категория : Games / Arcade Games


Earthworm Jim demo

Assume the role of Earthworm Jim, a simple worm who is endowed with superhuman qualities when a high-tech, cybernetics space suit falls out of the sky and lands on him. Undertaking a quest to save Princess What’s-Her-Name, players slip, slide, squirm, and crawl through a variety of wacky worlds. Traveling from New Junk City through Snot-A-Problem, players battle a cast of crazy characters and an intergalactic bounty hunter sent by the evil Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, who is trying to steal Jim’s suit.

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